How to fix rattling car speakers and stop the door rattle

How to fix rattling car speakers and stop the door rattle

Listening to your favorite jams booming on your newly installed car audio system makes for an exciting time behind the wheel. However, the new speakers can sometimes produce a rattling noise that contaminates the sound quality and end up spoiling the whole listening experience. If you’ve noticed this irritating noise on your car door speakers, you’d … Read more

Best Timing Light: Timing Light for Cars and Motorcycles

best timing light buyer's guide

Experiencing car trouble is something that no car owner would wish on their enemies. It gets even worse when you have no mechanical awareness of your car and can’t tell where the issue is stemming from. This might compel you to spend a fortune on the services of a mechanic when the problem was right … Read more

How to fix a stuck seat belt

How To Fix a Stuck Seat Belt

You don’t need to be reminded just how crucial seat belts are for your safety while driving. They hold you securely in your seat and might be the difference between life and death in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, every once in a while, seat belts tend to get jammed which can expose you to … Read more

What is the Best Rust Converter for Truck Frames?

The development of rust on your car’s body can really undermine the integrity of your truck frame. Once it starts eating away on the metal sheet, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself performing a whole frame replacement.But this doesn’t always have to be the course of action, especially when your budget … Read more

How Long Does Synthetic Oil Last?

Mobil 1 engine oil bottles on the shelf

Oil is a crucial element that enables your car engine to continue running through the process of the internal combustion. It is essentially the bloodline of your engine and without it, your vehicle’s power plant would overheat before coming to a catastrophic halt.When it comes to engine oils, there are two types that are commonly … Read more

Castrol Edge vs Mobil 1 – Which Oil Is Best for Your Engine

Castrol Edge vs Mobil 1 – Which Oil Is Best for Your Engine

Choosing the right synthetic oil for your car goes a long way to ensure that it remains in good running condition at all times while enhancing overall performance. But this can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the large number of synthetic oil brands flooding the market.  Surely you’ll want to trust a reputable … Read more

Best Garage Floor Mats – How To Keep Your Garage Squeaky Clean

best garage door mat buying guide

How many times have you parked in your garage only to be greeted by a stained, greasy garage floor?What about winter frost? How many times have you nearly slipped in your garage because a thin layer of frost covered the floor?Thankfully, there is one product that’ll keep your garage floor clean. Of course, we’re talking … Read more