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Best garage door insulation kit – 7 Garage Door Insulation Kit Reviews



Garage door insulation kits are designed to help you insulate the garage door with ease and maintain the temperature in the garage as well as in your home intact.

No matter if your garage is attached or detached, it will for sure cause some major heat loss during the winter and make your energy bill double at least. During the summer heats, that same garage will once more double your energy bill since your AC will run longer in tempting to cool off that extra space.

So there is only one thing you can do. Invest some of your hard-earned money into the best garage door insulation kit. In this article, I will try to explain how to insulate your garage door and recommend the best possible products you can take into consideration, so let's roll.

In a Hurry? The Winner after 40 Hours of Research:

Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY---- R-9 Complete Garage Insulation Kit

Our Rating: 96/100

Why it is the best?

  • Features highest R-value: 9 
  • Very durable yet easy to install
  • Mold and noise resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • This insulation offers excellent thermal performance
  • Keeps the heat outside during summer and inside during harsh winters

How I Picked:

30 Resources 

300 Reviews Compared

40 Hours Of Research 

20 Popular Products Considered

Last Updated: June 20, 2021

By James Ruhle: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding best garage door insulation kits available for those who are interested in insulating their garage the best way possible. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best garage door insulation kit currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Current Garage Door Insulation Kits On The Market - Comparison Table


Pieces Included

R-Value Per Panel

Type Of Insulation

Our Rating

Current Price

Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY---- R-9 Complete Garage Insulation Kit

1 Roll


Combination of fiberglass and polymer material


Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit

8 Panels


Reflective bubble insulation


Matador SGDIK001 Garage Door Insulation, Large, White

8 Panels


Polystyrene Laminate


1 Roll


Reflective Foam


NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit 16FT (WIDE) x 8FT (HIGH) R Value 8.0 Made in USA New and Improved Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape (ALSO FITS 16X7)

1 Roll


Reflective Foam


Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit

8 Panels


Fiberglass insulation wrapped in vinyl


SmartGARAGE- Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit 2 car - 18'W x 7'H (Reflective/Reflective)

4 Rolls Per Kit


Combination of foam and aluminum


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Even when you are out buying something simple as a garage door insulation kit, one can never be careful enough since there are a lot of features you should consider first. Anyhow, I do not want to fret you, but your trusty storeroom can easily turn to a moldy mess if you leave it uninsulated, especially in areas that are high in humidity.

There are so many insulation brands available now, and if you are not sure where to start looking, you came to the right place, my friend, since I enlisted these seven best rated high-quality products to help you make the best decision.

Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY---- R-9 Complete Garage Insulation Kit

Our Rating: 96/100

Not many have heard of Anco as a brand for garage equipment, but this product is sincerely worth mentioning for a few simple reasons. The most valuable feature is the insulation. 

It’s R-value is rated 9!

Yes, you read it well - almighty 9! This is the highest insulation rating can get. It is also great in reducing noise and sounds from the outside, preventing mold formation, and it is fire-resistant.

This kit will, for sure, stop the heat from getting in and getting out. I can guarantee this insulation kit will have your back all year round.

But unfortunately, to be able to provide you with all those great features, it needed to be heavy. Heavy like it will affect the movement of your garage doors.

It is made from a durable 2-inch thick mixture of fiberglass and polymer material, and it features a 9 feet length, which will be enough to cover a single garage door. Do not worry, it is completely safe for pets and children, and the used materials are 100% non-toxic. Luckily, no matter how heavy this insulation kit is, the installation is still hassle-free. It requires only essential tools and a spare set of hands to help you manage the weight. 

The most important thing is to cut the panels precisely so the insulation can fit snugly into the garage door frame. But in case you are not sure it will stay up for too long, you can always additionally purchase a double-sided adhesive tape and give yourself some peace of mind.

The Anco garage door insulation is a premium kit designed to fit the majority of garage doors. It provides the best thermal performance so you will have to single out a significant amount of money for this efficiency. But based on that efficiency alone, I can only say that this model from Anco is the best garage door insulation kit that you will find on the market nowadays.


  • R-value is rated 9
  • Suitable to use all year round
  • Durable and tough made from 100% non-toxic fiberglass material
  • Fire-resistant and will prevent mold formation
  • Easy to install and mount into the framework of garage doors
  • Best thermal performance 


  • Very heavy
  • High price
  • Requires precise cutting skills

Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit

Our Rating: 90/100

If you are on the budget and you live in the area where radiant heat is always present, you should consider purchasing this door garage insulation kit. Don’t get me wrong, it works okay for cold weather as well, but it is intentionally made for areas where fire hazards due to high temperatures occur. 

The Reach Barrier kit is a radiant barrier, very lightweight, easy to install and customize. As I said, the most valuable feature of the Reach Barrier door insulation kit is the price since you will be able to insulate the entire garage door for an incredibly low price compared to the competition.

The installation is a breeze since this garage door insulation kit comes with eight pre-cut panels that can be trimmed with just a utility knife and straight edge in case the dimensions are not compatible with your doors. The R-value of each panel is 5, which is pretty low, so we have the same case as with the Matador garage door insulation.

Also, the insulation panels do not require rails since they come with 48 self-stick adhesive squares. The only thing you need to do before installation is to clean the doors thoroughly so the sticky squares can be fixed properly.

Installation won’t take more than an hour if the adhesive squares work as they should considering they tend to fall off from time to time. That is why it is recommended to purchase a tube of liquid adhesive or double-sided tape (resistant to all weather conditions) and use it instead of the included sticky squares.

The outer layer is made of a unique reflective polyethylene material that can block up to 95% of reflecting heat. But there is one downside that considers the outer layer. It can’t be painted, which can be a problem for some users.


  • Reach Barrier is cost-efficient garage insulation
  • Works great during summer and winter
  • Meets fire safety standards
  • Made from reflective polyethylene material 
  • Blocks up to 95% of reflecting heat
  • Easy to install and customize if needed with a utility knife
  • Lightweight design


  • R-value is low
  • Sticky squares that are included in the kit tend to fall off so they should be replaced with double-sided tape
  • The outer layer can not be painted in case you do not like the color

Matador SGDIK001 Garage Door Insulation, Large, White

Our Rating: 91/100

Matador is a well-respected company known for making the best high-quality garage door insulation kits. This company is well known for creating user-friendly products, and as you can see in the reviews and comments, this kit is very popular with first-time users. There is no easier way of insulating a garage door than using these simple panels.

The thing that makes this one set to stand out from its competition is how easy it is to install. This kit simply needs to be cut to the size wdaof the door that needs to be insulated and then relies on the door rails to keep it tight in place. In case you do not have horizontal nor vertical relies on, you will need some liquid adhesive, but don’t worry, you won’t need much of it since the product weighs only 10 pounds.

The entire process takes no more than an hour, and you do not require any special tools, as I already said. It is available in two sizes 7 x 8 or 9-foot doors as well as 8 x 8 or 9-foot doors, which covers most standard panel doors. If you have a multiple door garage, you will need to purchase additional kits to cover them all.

The Matador garage door insulation is made from high-quality white polystyrene laminate that gives an all-time clean look to your door panels with minimal effort. The product consists of 8 panels. The panels have an R-value of 4.8, which is suitable only for mid-range zones. If you need more insulation, you can easily double the panels, but if you ask me, that is too much fuss without reason.

Also, the laminated exterior is straightforward to clean. But what I liked the most is the high impact-resistant finish and how reflective it is.


  • Easy to install
  • The kit consists of 8 panels
  • Available in two sizes
  • Covers most standard doors
  • Made from high-quality white polystyrene laminate
  • High impact-resistant finish
  • Easy to clean


  • R-value is only 4.8
  • Suitable only for mid-range zones for both hot and cold temperatures
  • Not suitable for multiple door garages

US Energy Products 2 Car Two Car Garage Door Insulation Kit (16'x7' or 16'x8') (Foil Finish) Includes: Reflective Foam Core Insulation (120 sq ft), Razor Knife, Squeegee, Double Adhesive Tape.

Our Rating: 91/100

If you are looking for an Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic garage door insulation kit, this product is one of the best on the market currently. The US Energy Product is safe to use, and it is ASTM Certified, meaning it meets all the fire requirements. It will also approximately reflect heat energy to 96%-97%, which is incredible.

Also, there is an added benefit of a vapor shield. That guarantees you your space will not get affected by moisture or humidity. The temperature inside the garage will be controlled until 19-20% less than regular during the summer season. 

It is also very reliable during winters since the garage's warmth can't be lost that easy. That leads us to the conclusion that this garage door insulation will prevent mold formation.

The process of installation is straightforward, and it does not require a lot of time nor skills. All you have to do is clean your door properly so the adhesive tape can cling as much as possible to the surface. As much as I love how easy it is to install this kit thanks to the double-sided adhesive tape, I can't say that is the best solution to keep your panels in place. Unfortunately, after a year or so, the adhesive tape will start loosening up.

The package comes in one 16-feet-long roll of dual-sided foam insulation. It is 5/16-inch thick, making it one of the thickest reflective foam core insulation kits available on the market. 

This insulation for garage doors will be more than enough to insulate a two-car garage door with ease if they are up to 18 feet tall, of course. The lightweight design contains air pockets that will transmit and conduct the heat flow at the same time very effectively. That will result in achieving the R-value of 8. 


  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic garage insulation
  • ASTM certified
  • Reflective foam insulation kit
  • Heat reflection up to 97%
  • Vapor shield will prevent retention of moisture and humidity which means your garage will stay mold-free
  • Easy to install
  • Enough for covering two-car garage doors
  • R-value is 8


  • Double-sided adhesive tape is not very durable and will start loosening up after a year or so

NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit 16FT (WIDE) x 8FT (HIGH) R Value 8.0 Made in USA New and Improved Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape (ALSO FITS 16X7)

Our Rating: 92/100

This NASA Tech product is one of the best garage door insulation kits your money can buy you. It is a great solution if you want to keep that annoying radiant heat away without spending too much money. Also, this foam kit provides added comfort since it keeps the noise away as well.

It comes in one roll, and it is already pre-cut and measured for a 4-panel hinged door that is 16 feet wide and 8 feet high. The roll of foam has two sides - a reflective finish or white vinyl finish. The installation is easy, and it takes no more than half an hour, but it requires more than one person which is a bit annoying. 

The reflective side should face inward towards your garage if you want to make your garage warmer. If you want to make your garage cooler, place the insulation kit with the white vinyl side facing out.

The kit is very efficient in insulation since it features a reflective insulation core with an R-value (rated at 8) that can keep your garage cool during summer and warm during winter. The passage of radiant heat is also greatly reduced, more precisely by 95%, so it is perfect for garages that are directly affected by high heat and temperatures.

The insulation kit comes with double side adhesive tape, but be aware that these tapes do not hold well on high temperatures. Before placing the door insulation, make sure you clean the garage door thoroughly with water and detergent and wipe it off well. After you tape the door's insulation, you will need to cut the roll where your door hinges are, but that is very easy since the insulation is made from foam.

The roll can be cut in 4 insulation panels for the hinged door, as I already mentioned, but in case you sport those rare 5-panel doors, you have two options. The first option is to purchase one more door insulation kit. The second option is to contact NASA Tech since they can special order you any size that you need in a single roll.


  • Very efficient in terms of insulation as well as noise reduction
  • Easy to install and it covers two-car garage doors
  • Heat reflection up to 95%
  • Features reflective foam core and two sides
  • R-value is 8


  • Requires two people for installation
  • Adhesive tape can’t withstand high temperatures

Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit

Our Rating: 90/100

Owens Corning, the famous insulation company, comes to the rescue of everyone that is in desperate need of reliable and reflective insulation for the garage door. This kit is the best garage door insulation for metal garage doors. When in use, it will provide five times the thermal performance of a non-insulated door.

Owens Corning product features a fiberglass type of insulation wrapped in vinyl, meaning it will work perfectly all year round. Also, it offers 20% noise reduction, which can be very handy if you live in a noisy neighborhood. 

The insulation kit is suitable for a single nine-foot garage door, so if you have two-car garage doors, you will need to purchase an additional kit. Luckily, Owens Corning kept this problem in mind and sold these insulation kits also in 1, 2, 3, and 4 packs to make it more convenient for you.

The installation is quite easy, and if you do everything right, it takes less than an hour. You will need only a few essential tools like a tape measure, straight-edge, a marker, and a Stanley knife.

The fiberglass material is flexible and highly resistant to denting. Still, it can cause itching when in contact with your skin, so make sure you wear protective gloves when installing the insulation panels. 

Each kit comes with 8 insulation panels, and instead of adhesives, you will use a puncture-pin system to install them on your doors. Each panel comes with just two pins, which I must say is not enough to hold ‘em in place correctly, so I still recommend buying some adhesive tape. 

Also, avoid covering these panels with any other type of insulation or paint it since batting can retain moisture, which will affect R-value negatively. The R-value is rated 8, which means this Owens Corning garage insulation is ideal for almost every region and climate. Still, it will be the best solution for higher temperate climates and metal garage doors.


  • Suitable for high-temperature climates and metal doors
  • Reduce 20% of noise
  • Provides five times thermal performance
  • Features fiberglass type of insulation wrapped in vinyl
  • Resistant to denting
  • Easy to install and clean
  • R-value is 8


  • Not suitable for wooden garage doors
  • Fiberglass can cause itchy skin, so protective gloves are a must during the installation process
  • The two pins per panel are not enough for proper mounting

SmartGARAGE- Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit 2 car - 18'W x 7'H (Reflective/Reflective)

Our Rating: 89/100

If you are looking for reflective insulation for the garage door, the SmartGARAGE might just be what you need. It also offers high insulating properties since it can reflect heat up to 97%. This insulation kit will maintain your garage cool all through the long hot summer with ease. 

The reflective layer also offers a vapor barrier, so the kit is resistant to mold and moisture formation. 

The type of insulation within this door insulation kit is a combination of foam and aluminum. I am glad to tell you that it is very durable, and since it features real aluminum, it will reduce the temperature in your garage by at least 8 degrees. 

You will get four rolls of insulation, and each one is designed to be trimmed to fit the rows of your garage door panels in case the original dimensions are too big. While talking about original dimensions, this product will fit two-car garage doors that are 18 feet in width, and only 7 feet in height, which can be a problem when installing since many of you will need to cut them.

The installation is simple, but it requires a spare set of hands and additional effort since the kit comes with double-sided adhesion tape, which needs careful application. But at least in the case of this insulation kit, the adhesive tape is heavy-duty and will withstand any temperature. If you have a flat garage door or a 5-panel garage door, you will need an extra kit that is not cost-efficient.

You will first need to clean the door well then dry it out thoroughly. Place the tape and apply the rolls evenly. In case you have windows cut out space for them as well as for springs and hinges. Make sure you apply the adhesive tape all around the windows to create an air barrier and maintain the R-value at 6. This is a good insulation for most climate zones and temperatures.


  • Reflects heat up to 97%
  • Features vapor barrier, so it prevents moisture retention and prevents mold formation
  • R-value rated 6
  • Easy to install and maintain clean
  • Durable and flexible
  • Adhesive tape is very durable
  • Suitable for two-car garage doors


  • Not suitable for flat doors or doors with five panels since you must purchase another full kit
  • Not so cost-effective
  • Requires a lot of cutting when installing

Best Garage Door Insulation Kits - FAQ 

Are garage door insulation kits worth it?

The garage door is often seen as a weak link that will harm your home's thermal efficiency. This is quite understandable since, in most homes, the garage door opens several times a day. That means you will expose an entire wall to cold or hot outdoor air (depends on the season) and transfer the coldness or heat to the next room.

For this reason, you should consider insulating your garage, unless the garage door is rarely used. The garage door insulation kits will save energy so your bill will be reduced, it will also enhance the durability of your garage doors. The protective layers will also reduce the amount of noise that comes from the outside. Let's not forget it is way better to have a warm garage because of thermal efficiency, but it will also be beneficial to your car and belongings in there.

So yes, I will freely say that investing in the best garage door insulation kit is worth it.

What is a good R value for a garage door?

First, let me explain what exactly an R-value or R-rating is? This is how the thermal resistance of a material is rated. The thickness, density, and moisture accumulation of the used material will determine how the insulation will react to changes in temperature. 

The higher the R-value is, the better the insulation you will get. However, the R-value greatly varies in different regions. If you live in a moderate climate, the best garage door insulation kit for you is the one where the average R-value falls between 4 and 9 per panel, which means it can offer a 19 to 30 R-value overall.

How do you insulate a garage door?

Well, it is straightforward to insulate your garage door. There are only a few things you will need. 

First, you got to choose the garage door insulation kit for your type of garage door. The second step is to gather the required material such as panels from the kit, utility knife, a measuring tape, and some kind of mounting equipment such as adhesive tape, liquid adhesive, etc.

After you gathered all the material, you need to measure and cut the panels to fit your garage door dimension perfectly. Cutting size depends on whether you use adhesive tape or place the panels in the framework of your garage door. In case you are placing them in rails or framework, you will need to cut them an inch longer than your doors are to be able to tuck the panels properly. 

Also, remember that the foil side should always face the garage door and create an air gap that will help in reducing the summer heat.

After It's All Said and Done, I Recommend:

Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY---- R-9 Complete Garage Insulation Kit

Our Rating: 96/100

Why it is the best?

  • Features highest R-value: 9 
  • Very durable yet easy to install
  • Mold and noise resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • This insulation offers excellent thermal performance
  • Keeps the heat outside during summer and inside during harsh winters


As you can see, searching for that one perfect garage door insulation kit is not so hard after a little bit of research. I can guarantee you that after reading this article and getting to know better with each product I choose for you, you will know what exactly to look for.

In case you are looking for the best budget option, I highly recommend you to pick out the Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit which reflective bubble insulation will offer you the best possible value for the price.

But after long hours of thorough research, I also found my ultimate favorite garage door insulation, and that is Anco Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY. Yes, it is quite expensive, but I can not run away from the fact that this fiberglass insulation provides R-9 value, which is the highest value of all.

Now that you have your garage insulation on point, you can spend your spare time by taking care of your beloved car. If you ever questioned how to keep your car’s dashboard clean, I recommend you to learn a few tips from this article.

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