Best Portable Jump Starter For Any Car Battery [2021 Edition]

We depend on batteries as much as we do on food these days, and the car battery is perhaps the most important one. This little bundle of electricity is usually reliable - but it may slack from time to time. When that happens - and it will - you ought to be ready; unless you like being late for work!

A quick fix for car battery issues is, of course, the jump starter. Today, I’d like to help you find the best portable jump starter for your needs, so read on to check out my top picks of 2021. 

In a Hurry? The Winner after 20 Hours of Research:

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engines

Our Rating: 93/100

Why it is the best?

  • Safely jump-starts dead car batteries with 4000 amps of power
  • Get up to 40 jump-starts on a single charge
  • It’s also a portable power bank and an LED flashlight
  • Lightweight design and compact size
  • Rugged, water-resistant enclosure for safe operation in any environment

How I Picked:

17 Resources 

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41 Popular Products Considered

Last Updated: June 09, 2021

By James Ruhle: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding best portable jump starters available for those who are interested in having a backup power when the trouble strikes. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best portable jump starter currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Current Top Garage Heaters On The Market - Comparison Table


Peak Power

Charging Ports

Our Rating

Current Price

DBPOWER Peak 1600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port, Compass, LCD Screen and LED Light (Black/Red)

DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter


12-V DC outlet, 2 USB ports


GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter


12-V DC outlet, 2 USB ports


NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engines

NOCO Boost HD GB150


12-V DC outlet, USB port



12-V DC outlet, 2 USB ports


Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660


12-V DC outlet


Clore Automotive Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

Booster PAC ES5000 Jump Starter


12-V DC outlet


CAT CJ3000 Professional Jump Starter 2000 Peak Amp Battery Booster, Built-In Power Switch, Battery Clamps, Yellow

CAT CJ3000 Professional Jump Starter


12-V DC outlet


Top 7 Portable Jump Starters Reviewed

A reliable heater goes a long way in heating your garage and making it a more comfortable place. The tricky part is picking the right heater – one that’s safe, durable, delivers heat efficiently and is wallet-friendly.

I’ve rounded up my favorite heaters below, so take your pick!

1. NOCO Boost HD GB150 4000 Amp 12-Volt -

Best Portable Jump Starter

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engines

Our Rating: 93/100

In case you’re looking for something ultra-powerful, then you’ll love the NOCO Genius Boost HD portable car jump starter. Exactly how much power are we talking about here? Read on to find out.

The NOCO holds enough power to provide up to 40 jump starts on a single charge! This amazing capability is made possible by the 4000 Amps lithium battery design, and it makes NOCO Genius Boost HD one of the most potent devices of its kind.

It’s designed to jump-start a vehicle with an engine of up to 10 liters, both gas and diesel. That means that it should be able to work on anything from a motorcycle to a truck. Also, it has a built-in USB charging port for other devices.

Compared to the other portable jump starters on this list, NOCO Boost HD is quite expensive. However, it does offer more power than others, but is this the sole reason for its high price? No, there are other things, too:

The 500-lumen LED light, weather-proof design, and its reputation as well as endorsement by popular media.

But, it is not without flaws. Consumer reports mention sporadic issues like the device dying prematurely, arriving defective, and not including all of the accessories. On top of this, the limited one-year warranty is too short for such an expensive product, which raises further suspicion.

Nevertheless, the NOCO jump starter can do its job well, and there are far more satisfied than unsatisfied buyers.

Who’s it for?

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB150 isn’t the best option for buyers on a budget, but if money isn’t an issue, then I’m sure you’ll want to consider buying it. This jump starter will please far-sighted individuals who like to be prepared for potential accidents at all times.

A single charge will power up to 40 jump starts, and no other jump starter from the list can match that. The GB150 can also charge your devices, so it’s a good pick for those who need versatility. If you’re willing to throw down some serious cash, all this power could be yours.


  • Get up to 40 jump starts on a single charge
  • Very powerful (4000 A) for large vehicles
  • Ultra-safe
  • Compact and lightweight


  • You can get cheaper options
  • Various longevity issues reported

DBPOWER Peak 1600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port, Compass, LCD Screen and LED Light (Black/Red)

Our Rating: 92/100

DBPOWER’s portable jump starter is among the most popular and trustworthy products out there. It can jump-start batteries used in 72.2-liter gas and 5.5-liter diesel engine cars, as well as those with smaller capacities.

The portable car battery jump starter has an 800 peak amp power and a battery capacity of 18000mAh. Also, it can serve as a power bank for your other devices - laptops, phones, and tablets - thanks to built-in USB outputs.

DBPOWER is loaded with practical features like the LED flashlight, with three different working modes - lighting, strobe, and SOS. You can keep track of the jump starter’s status through its LCD screen, which shows the remaining power. 

That’s not all:

If your car breaks in the middle of nowhere, this jump starter has a built-in compass to help you find your way. As you can see, this portable car jump starter is filled with handy extras, and very versatile, too. 

So, what are the downsides?

The chief complaint from consumer reports was that the battery loses efficiency over time. How quickly this happens is uncertain, as everyone’s experience and use were different. Also, the 100% charge on the LCD screen may be occasionally misleading, and, well, incorrect.

DBPOWER jump starter's intelligent clamps protect from overcurrent, short circuits, and stuff like that. You’ll also get a wall and a car charger, as well as a 3-year warranty. Not bad at all.

Who’s it for?

I’d recommend buying this popular model for those who need a versatile and portable car battery jump starter. Besides getting your vehicle up and running again, it’ll charge your electronics, and serve as a flashlight too. The latter is handy if you're faced with a dead battery in the middle of the road at night. 

It's a portable, compact jump starter, small enough to fit in the glove box, so you can have it on you whenever the need arises. Also, the cherry on top is the jump starter's reasonable price; DBPOWER is popular for offering solid cost-to-value products.


  • Built-in LCD screen
  • A lot of useful extras
  • Sturdy build
  • Fits in the glove box


  • 100% charge indicator can be misleading
  • May lose efficiency over time

Our Rating: 90/100

Here comes another popular car jump starter, made by a company called GOOLOO! Don’t be fooled by its name, though; these guys mean business, and their portable jump starter's the proof of that. Come and check it out!

GOOLOO works on most vehicles, be it cars, motorbikes, ATVs, lawnmowers - you name it! It's no surprise, though, given that we’re talking about 12V vehicles. Just like the previous jump starter, this product has an 800A peak amps of power, as well as a 1800mAh capacity.

You can use it with gas engines up to 7.0 and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters, but, according to some consumer reports, it may have trouble with more substantial cars. On the bright side, GOOLOO’s jump starter can be used with other devices via its built-in USB outputs, including a quick-charge one. 

Overload, overcurrent, over-voltage - and all the other “overs” - are something that you don’t have to worry about as smart jumper clamps take care of it. Another fantastic feature is the built-in flashlight, which can operate as a strobe, SOS, or a standard light.

As popular as it is, judging by the consumer reports, it seems that quality control can be a problem, as every unit appears to have utterly different longevity.

Nevertheless, GOOLOO is among the best portable jump starters, and it’s an excellent pick for those who need versatility.

Who’s it for?

Folks who like what the DBPOWER jump starter has to offer will also be interested in GOOLOO. Aside from being affordable, this portable car battery jump starter's loaded with neat, built-in extras and accessories. Take, for example, the handy travel bag, which keeps the jump starter protected from scratches and hits; that’s not something that you get with all other models. 

The manufacturer claims that it works on all vehicles, but the jump starter doesn’t work well with SUVs or large cars. However, if you drive a regular-sized vehicle, and if compactness - it fits the glove box - and cost are your primary concerns, then GOOLOO could be the best jump starter for you.


  • Includes a built-in LED flashlightAffordable
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • 18-month warranty
  • Smart jumper clampst


  • Troubles with use on large vehicles
  • May lose efficiency over time

Our Rating: 88/100

BEATIT is a popular name in the world of portable car jump starters, and the model that you’re about to take a look at is called LJ-D11. The series is designed to be used with anything from cars to boats - and now, let’s take a closer look at it.

First off, LJ-D11 has 800 peak amps of power, which is akin to the first two products on the list, and thus, the industry standard. Alongside its decent amperage, the starter has a 18000mAh capacity, which is more than enough. 

The jump starter can reportedly be used around 30 times on a single charge, but this claim raised many eyebrows. In other words, it’s suspicious whether this statement is true, as the device doesn't seem to hold that much power.

You can use it with 7.5-liter gas and 5.5-liter diesel engines. Some consumer reports claimed that it wasn’t able to start their 8-cylinder vehicle, so I suggest you do more research on this if you own one of those.

As for the built-in accessories, it's got all the usuals like a flashlight, two USB ports, and a neat LCD battery indicator screen. Another cool thing is that it can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

BEATIT LJ-D11 jump starter is a reliable, mid-priced model, and it’s a good choice for those who need it to jump-start small to middle-sized cars. Also, its price is reasonable, too!

Who’s it for?

BEATIT LJ-D11 is another jump starter in the line of affordable, yet versatile portable starters. Its small size and cutting-edge design make it a popular choice among tech-savvy buyers and those who find the device’s appearance important. 

Another vital feature of LJ-D11 is its ability to withstand very low (-20C) and very high (60C) temperatures. That will allow you to store the jump starter in your vehicle without worrying that it will stop working. The clams don’t feel very sturdy, so it's not worth buying if you'll be using it on vehicles frequently. 


  • An LCD screen with battery indicator
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Great flashlight
  • Extended jumper cables


  • Clamps feel weak
  • Doesn’t work great with large vehicles or frequent use

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue

Our Rating: 85/100

Clore Automotive’s Jumo-N-Carry JNC660 looks like an old-school portable jump starter, and, well, that’s what it is. However, its performance can compete with some of the market's most popular models, which is why it's worth taking a look at it.

Its capabilities are the following - 1700 peak amps of power, or 425 cranking amps, and a 22000 mAh capacity. As you can see, the numbers are close to most of the previous car jump starters on this list.

Versatility is where the JNC660 jump starter fails to match up with the more popular models. It doesn’t have a USB output, so it can’t charge your laptop or phone. But, things aren’t that bleak, because there is a 12V outlet for other devices.

The design and physical appearance are two factors that set this portable jump starter apart from the rest. It’s a lot bulkier than the other jump starters on my list, and it even has a carrying handle. Its jumper cables are heavy-duty, and the clamps are industrial grade.

What I personally liked about the JNC660 is the analog battery indicator, which is actually very precise.

The unit's biggest downside is that you need to store it at temperatures higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can’t keep it in your vehicle at all times unless you live in a very hot place. Also, the one-year limited warranty doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the product’s longevity. 

Who’s it for?

People who need a fuss-free, straightforward portable car jump starter should consider buying this model. The JNC600 is as simple as they make them, and it can do only two things - jump-start your car and charge 12V devices. This product is an excellent pick for those who don’t like cutting-edge starters with loads of additional features. 

Also, it’s important to note that the JNC660 jump starter is not lightweight or small enough so that you can store it in the glove box. To top it all off, this starter shouldn’t be kept in your vehicle at all times, because it needs to sit at a temperature higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Very simple to use
  • It’s got 22000mAh


  • Very limited warranty
  • Must be kept at a temperature above 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Clore Automotive Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

Our Rating: 84/100

For those who can’t get enough of Clore Automotive - I’ve got another jump starter in store for you. Meet PAC ES5000, the younger brother of the previously-mentioned portable jump starter.

I say younger brother because this jump starter holds a bit less power than the JNC660, but it'll get your dead battery moving. The ES5000 is another simple yet durable car jump starter that is made for non-tech savvy folks, and you can see that as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

The simplistic design was created with only one thing in mind - function. That means that it isn’t the prettiest or smallest portable jump starter on the market, but it works reasonably well. It’s got 1500 peak amps of power, which is not great compared to the other popular models I reviewed, but it’s enough for starting most cars.

As you may have guessed, the device lacks USB outputs, but you can use it for powering 12V devices via a dedicated outlet.

Now, the biggest issue with PAC ES5000 is the quality of the clamps. According to consumer reports, they are not well built and may fall apart after a few uses. On top of this, the jumper cables are relatively short, which may lead to an entire set of complications.

Booster PAC ES5000 can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, and you can store it in your vehicle with no problems.

Who’s it for?

Just like the JNC600 jump starter, Booster ES5000 is suitable for those who like simple car jump starters. This product doesn’t include extras like a USB charging port or LED flashlight, so it’s not exactly a techy model. It's small enough to be carried, but it's not as compact as some new jump starters. Since the jump starter can be used at very low temperatures, it may be a good choice for individuals who live in colder climates. 

However, there’s one fatal flaw with the ES5000 jump starter - its clamps tend to fall apart. You can put them back together very quickly, but it can be extremely irritating. So, buying this product isn't recommended if you’ve got anger management issues.


  • Simple to operate
  • Can withstand the extreme cold (-20 degrees Celsius)
  • Heavy-duty jumper cables


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Clamps fall apart easily

CAT CJ3000 Professional Jump Starter 2000 Peak Amp Battery Booster, Built-In Power Switch, Battery Clamps, Yellow

Our Rating: 80/100

Sta-Bil 22214 fuel stabilizer is one of the best stabilizers available on the market nowadays for the given price tag. 

This fuel additive is a great choice for protecting your vehicle for prolonged periods of time, considering it eliminates the need to drain the fuel from 2 and 4 cycle engines. It removes water from the fuel to protect your vehicle from corrosion; also, it cleans carburetors (if you ride an older vehicle model) and fuel injectors this way. But why is this important?

Well, if you plan to store your vehicle that runs on gasoline and ethanol fuel blends, during the winter season for over a month or two, the 22214 fuel stabilizer will keep the fuel fresh. In fact, it can keep fuel fresh for up to 24 months! This fuel stabilizer will allow you to start up your engine quickly and easily even after months of rest in the storage.

You can also use this fuel stabilizer for marine vehicles, lawn mowers, collector cars, snow blowers as well generators. You can be sure this product will protect your engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion, and will prevent the evaporating of the fuel based on ethanol.

The Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer isn't a great choice for every situation. For example, it is not suitable to use in case you need a product that will improve the gas mileage in your daily driver. Also, this formula works only with gas-powered engines, so if your vehicle is powered by an engine that runs on diesel fuel, you will need to look for some other fuel stabilizer.


  • Plenty of power
  • Can endure extreme temperatures
  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes an LED light


  • Many complained that it stopped working too early
  • New ones don’t hold a charge well

Best Portable Jump Starters - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the best mini jump starter?

A: It’s hard to give an exact answer here because the best mini jump starters depend on your needs and requirements. There are, however, objective ways to figure out which jump starters stand out from the competition and are worth buying.

I can conclude that the best mini jump starter of 2020 is NOCO Boost HD GB150. It’s the most potent compact device that I was able to find, and it provides its users with up to 40 jump starts with a single charge. It’s also very well-constructed, versatile, and includes excellent protection from overcharging, over-current, and similar mishaps.

Q: How many amps are needed to jump-start a car?

A: Several factors determine how many amps one needs to jump-start their vehicle. However, generally speaking, most cars can be started with 400 amps. The latter mainly applies to small to mid-sized vehicles, but bigger cars may need as much as 1000 amps in some cases.

The size and weight of the engine are the primary factors in figuring out how many amps you need to start it. Each jump starter has specifications that provide the size of an engine it can work with, expressed in liters. If the specs say that a device can start an engine of up to 7 liters, it also means that it can be used on smaller ones, too.

Next, we should talk about fuel. Does your vehicle have a diesel or a petrol engine? Diesel engines require more power to start, so, if you take a look at any jump starter’s details, it’ll usually say something like “7 liters petrol, 5 liters diesel”. That means that this model can be used on 7-liter petrol engines but only 5-liter diesel engines.

The weather and temperature also have a significant impact on amperage requirements. A cold engine with cold oil in it might require twice as much power to get started than if the vehicle was warm. For example, a 2-liter petrol engine usually needs 70-200 amps to start, but it might require 400 amps when cold.

Q: How long do portable jump starters last?

A: Most manufacturers will tell you that a jump starter lasts up to six years at best, and three years at worst. However, car enthusiasts will tell you that nobody can say with certainty how long a jump starter will last. Every unit is slightly different, and too many factors affect its lifespan.

The best way to prolong the battery life of a new product is to store it in ideal conditions, which include an adequate temperature, humidity, and even acidity of the environment.

Jump starter longevity tips include:

  • Keep it at a moderate temperature at all times,
  • Don’t let it sit discharged,
  • Disconnect the clamps immediately after use.

Q: How to use a portable jump starter?

A: Before I explain how to use a portable starter, I would like to mention some precaution and safety measures first. These actions ensure the safety of cars, jump starters, and, of course, users - and they need to be taken seriously.

First, both the vehicle and the car jump starter have to be turned off. Double-check this before you take the next steps. To ensure that the car and its components are off, take the keys out of the ignition.

Second, be very careful not to mix up the clamps and the terminals. The positive clamp has to go on the positive terminal, and the same goes for the negative one. More on this later in the explanation.

Third, no flammable liquids or objects should be near the car or the portable jump starter, because if something goes wrong and there’s a spark, it could be very dangerous.

Fourth, remove any jewelry that you may be wearing, and do not bring your face too close to the battery.

It would be best if you read the instruction manual carefully, as there might be some specifics that set your jump starter apart from the rest, so it’s essential to know them.

Once you’ve gone through this checklist, it’s time to pull out your portable jump starter and take care of that dead battery.

The first thing that should do is check the indicator to find out the jump starter’s current charge, even if it’s a new one. Next, if you’ve got detachable cables, connect them to the device’s body.

While your vehicle is turned off, open the cover and locate the battery. Place the red clamp on the positive terminal and the black on the negative. The jumper cables need to be firmly attached, so be sure that it is so.

Once the jumper cables are in place, turn on the jump starter. Give it a few moments to work, and then proceed to turn on the car’s engine. Crank the engine for around 5 seconds, and it should do the trick. If you don’t get it the first time around, wait for about three minutes before giving it another shot. Never do consecutive cranks without a break.

When the car starts, turn off the jump starter, and then remove the clamps in the following order: first the black one (negative) and then the red one (positive). Recharge the battery as soon as you get the chance.

After It's All Said and Done, We Recommend: 

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engines

Our Rating: 93/100

Why it is the best?

  • Safely jump-starts dead car batteries with 4000 amps of power
  • Get up to 40 jump-starts on a single charge
  • It’s also a portable power bank and an LED flashlight
  • Lightweight design and compact size
  • Rugged, water-resistant enclosure for safe operation in any environment


It’s been a wild ride, folks, but it’s time to wrap this piece up. As you can tell, there are many popular options when it comes to buying a portable car battery jump starter, and there is something for everyone’s needs and financial capabilities. I would once again like to take the chance to highlight the importance of having the best portable jump starter with you at all times, as it can make the difference between a very good and a terrible day. 

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