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Best Garage Floor Mats – How To Keep Your Garage Squeaky Clean



How many times have you parked in your garage only to be greeted by a stained, greasy garage floor?

What about winter frost? How many times have you nearly slipped in your garage because a thin layer of frost covered the floor?

Thankfully, there is one product that'll keep your garage floor clean. Of course, we're talking about the best garage floor mats. What's more, besides protecting the concrete from stains and frost, these products also come in a wide range of designs. Finally, you'll be able to breathe in more of your character in one of the least appreciated rooms in your house!

Unfortunately, because there are so many of these products available on the market, picking the best one can quickly turn into a chore.

Thankfully, you're at the right place. In this article, we'll go in-depth about the best garage floor mats you can buy, and we'll go over some of the frequently asked questions about these products.

In a Hurry? The Test Winner after 53 Hours of Research: 

NEW Heavy Duty AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Containment Mat, 7'9' x 16'

Our Rating: 95/100

Why it is the best?

  • It comes from one the most trusted and most popular garage floor mat manufacturer in the world
  • It's built out of high-quality, durable materials like polyester closed-cell foam
  • Thanks to stay-put corners it won't slip when your park or drive away from it
  • Soaks up fluids like they're nothing
  • It's incredibly affordable when compared to other mats
  • It can also be used as a containment mat

How I Picked:

21 Resources 

420 Reviews Compared

53 Hours Of Research 

30 Popular Products Considered

Last Updated: June 20, 2020

By James Ruhle: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding best garage floor mats available for those who are interested in having a a clean and reliable garage floor. The best 5 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best garage floor mat currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Current Top Garage Floor Mats On The Market - Comparison Table






Our Rating

Current Price

AutoFloorGuard AFG7916

NEW Heavy Duty AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Containment Mat, 7'9' x 16'

7'9" x 16'

20 pounds



Maxsa Innovations 37358 Parking Mat

Maxsa Innovations 37358 Park Right 21' x 11' x 2' Parking Mat, Black

11.5 x 21.26 x 0.67 inches

1.5 pounds

Parking mat


Performance Tool W88989 Interlocking Floor Mat

Performance Tool W88989 24' X 24' Protective Diamond Shape Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Floor Mat (24 Square Feet)

12 x 12 inches

3.5 pounds



Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat

Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat - Anti Fatigue EVA Foam Sheet (6 fold) - Great for Garage, Picnicking, Gardening, Camping and Outdoor Activities, Black/Red

47.6 x 16.5 x 1.2 inches

1.81 pounds



IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring

IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls Coin & Diamond Roll Out Utiliy Floor Mats

7.5 x 17 feet

146,5 pounds



Top Garage Floor Mats Reviewed

Choosing the right floor mat for your garage can be incredibly tricky. There are thousands of manufacturers and twice as many models currently available on the market. And if you're not familiar with these products, you can quickly end up with a mat that won't last that long or do what you want it to do.
Because of that, I've decided to do some research. After dozens of hours spent on scouring web forums, manufacturer websites, and online stores, I've compiled this list of six best garage floor mats you should pick up today.

1. AutoFloorGuard AFG7916 - Editor’s Choice

NEW Heavy Duty AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Containment Mat, 7'9' x 16'

Our Rating: 95/100

AutoFloorGuard is one of the best garage flooring manufactures in the world. This company is famous for building floor mats that aren't just capable of absorbing just about anything that leaks on it, but they're also immovable.

Their AFG7916 is a recently updated version of their old product that was just as amazing as this one. This new version features an upgraded fabric material, and it comes with improved stay-up corners that keep this mat in place.

No matter what vehicle you park on the AFG7916, be it a lawnmower or a truck, you can rest assured it'll keep your garage floor squeaky clean. On top of all that, this mat is also incredibly affordable!

Let's go over the design and features and see why this garage mat one of the best on the market.


Newly updated AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat comes in three different sizes: 7'9'x 16', 7'9''x 18'', and 8'6'' x 20'. No matter what vehicle you keep in your garage, you can rest assured you'll find the perfect size. Of course, the price differs between different sizes, but if you can afford a truck, you won't have any trouble affording this mat.

When it comes to color, this floor mat is only available in black color. If you're planning on breathing in some spunk into your garage, the AFG7916 won't help you. The surface resembles bed sheets because the outer layer is built out of high-quality polyester fabric.

The thing I liked the most about the design of this floor mat is the stay-put corners. This nifty little feature doesn't allow this garage floor mat to move around when you park your vehicle, and when you drive off.


Performance-wise, this garage floor is nothing short of amazing. This fantastic performance can be accredited to the way this mat was designed.

Unlike most garage floor mats, the AFG7916 is built out of several different materials. The exterior is built out of high-quality, heavy-duty polyester fabric, while the interior is made of closed-cell foam. This design choice ensures this mat will protect your tires while soaking up any unwanted liquids and dirt.

Parking on this mat is incredibly easy because it has quite a heft to it. And, as I mentioned before, it won't move around even if you decide to hit the breaks a bit too hard.

When it comes to cleaning, this mat can be vacuumed or washed. If you decide to clean it, I recommend you take it outside to dry out because closed-cell foam can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria if left wet for too long.


  • Built out of durable, high-quality materials
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Soaks up fluids quite extremely well
  • Thanks to stay-put corners, it won't slip when you park your vehicle or when you drive off
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • May be used as a containment mat


  • None whatsoever

2. Maxsa Innovations 37358 Parking Mat - Best Budget Option

Maxsa Innovations 37358 Park Right 21' x 11' x 2' Parking Mat, Black

Our Rating: 91/100

I understand that not everyone has the money, or even needs a garage mat that will cover the entire garage floor. This is why, when researching products for this article, I decided to include a parking mat. And what is a parking mat? The answer is simple. It's a mat that only goes under your vehicle's tires. With one of these mats, you will protect the floor from the most common type of stain, skid marks.

Maxsa Innovations 37358 does a great job of protecting your garage from skid marks while also remaining in the budget range. What's more, this parking mat will ensure that you park your car perfectly each time, thanks to its excellent design.


Maxsa Innovations 37358 features quite a simple design. If you've ever used a brick or a stick to block one of the wheels, so your car doesn't move, you'll be familiar with this garage floor mat's design. It features two bumps that are there to ensure your vehicle doesn't move anywhere you park. If your garage flooring isn't in level, this mat will be a godsend!

Besides being designed to provide stability and protection, this mat is also excellent at collecting any dirt or liquids from your car's tires. In fact, Maxsa garage mats feature an inbuilt drip tray that'll collect any nastiness that comes off your tires.

Speaking of tires, this garage mat is available in only one size and measures 21.5'' x 11'' x 2''. This size is compatible with almost all passenger vehicles, big and small. Unless you want to park a semi-truck into your garage, you won't have any size problems with this floor mat.

On top of all that, this floor mat also comes in three different colors: black, red, and yellow. If you want to breathe in more color into your garage, this product is it.


Maxsa Innovations 37358 is one of the best performing mats on the market. Why? The answer is simple. It only has to do one thing, and it does it well.

While most garage floor mats have to protect the surface that's the same size as your car, this product only has to protect the surface of the tires. This mat comes with an adhesive tape on its underside to ensure it won't slip when you park. Just peel of the tape, place the mat where you want, and you're done. It won't move, no matter how much you try.

Alternatively, you can screw it in, but I think that just overkill.

Another cool thing about this floor mat is how easy it is to clean. Since it is built out of durable, elastic plastic, all you have to do to clean it is spray it with water from a hose. After a minute or two of good under a water house, the mat will be as clean as a whistle. It'll cure in moments because the material is designed not to soak up any fluids.


  • Designed to keep your car in place
  • Features a built-in drip tray
  • Built out of durable, elastic plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent at collecting mud and dirt from tires


  • Only comes in packs of one
  • Doesn't protect the entire underside surface of the car

Performance Tool W88989 24' X 24' Protective Diamond Shape Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Floor Mat (24 Square Feet)

Our Rating: 90/100

Most consumer garage floor mats are small and only support the front tires of your vehicle. However, there are many people out there that are looking for affordable garage flooring that'll protect the bare concrete below from any potential stains or spills.

To make things worse, most commercial-grade garage mats are quite expensive. Well, that changes today with Performance Tool W88989 Interlocking Floor Mats. This garage floor mat is a perfect cross between a mechanical garage mat and a product you'd use in your home. The best thing about it is that you won't burn a hole in your budget if you decide to use it as flooring for a garage.


The main selling point of this garage floor mat is its design. Performance Tool W88989 features an interlocking design. This design includes multiple smaller pieces that can be easily "locked" in to form a bigger floor mat. If you go all out, you won't have any trouble covering your entire garage floor with this mat.

Individual tiles feature a puzzle design that allows for quick and easy installation. The design is almost the same as you'd see in a kindergarten with similar flooring, but only in more colors. This allows you to cover your entire garage floor with tiles in a matter of minutes.

To ensure you don't end up with jagged edges, each pack of these garage floor mats comes with a border strip that smooths out the edges.

Each interlocking tile is 12 millimetres thick and features a non-slip surface ensuring long lasting durability.


I'll be honest. At first, I thought these tiled mats aren't good at keeping the concrete stain free. But after seeing the testimonials and testing them myself, I completely changed my mind.

The interlocking mechanism is so tight that it doesn't allow for liquids and dirt to seep through. What's more, these tiles are excellent at soaking up any oil or gas leaks. Thanks to the texture of the tiles, the liquids will collect in pores, but won't seep through.

Because this garage mat is built out of water replant material, cleaning it is incredibly easy. All you have to do is give it a good hose-down, and you're done. Dirt, oil, gas, and other nastiness that can collect on your garage floor will be gone in a matter of minutes.

The only issue I have with this garage mat is that it won't lay flat once you install it. This may be frustrating for some, but if you give it a couple of days, it'll flatten itself out.


  • Tiled design allows you to use this mat as flooring for garages
  • Water repellent material ensures no liquids will reach your garage floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Incredibly affordable for a garage mat


  • May not lay flat right out of the box
  • Smells a bit odd when out of the package

4. Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat - Most Innovative Design

Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat - Anti Fatigue EVA Foam Sheet (6 fold) - Great for Garage, Picnicking, Gardening, Camping and Outdoor Activities, Black/Red

Our Rating: 89/100

Most garage mats I've showcased so far did only one thing - protect your garage floor from spills and stains. But, what if you're someone who likes to work on their car? You can't just lay down on the floor. Not only will you be uncomfortable after a minute, but laying on a cold floor can also make you ill.

Enter, Pro Lift C-5006 Fordable EVA Mat! This floor mat won't just keep your garage floor clean, but it'll also protect you from it's cold surface when you're working on your car. While this mat may not be for everyone, I'm sure there are a couple of car mechanics that'll find this product more than useful.


Just like the previous mat I reviewed, this one also features an incredibly innovative design. Pro Lift C-5006 garage floor mat consists of six panels that can be folded. This way, you can save space and be used as a stool if you need one.

The best thing about this garage floor mat is that it's quite thick. Each panel is 1.2-inches thick, almost triple the size of other floor mats I've reviewed in this article. And since this garage mat is designed for sitting and laying down, having a bit more thickness goes a long way.

Once full-folded, this garage floor mat measures around seven inches, and can serve as a perfectly good stool. What's more, because it's built out of EVA foam, a material that's quite soft, you won't feel any discomfort while sitting on it. And on top of all that, it also comes with a nifty carrying handle.

And once you're done using it, you can slide it under your car to prevent any stains from oil or gas leaks.


While this garage floor mat isn't meant to be used as full-time floor protection, it does an excellent job. This garage floor mat features a liquid-repellent surface that'll keep your garage clean as a whistle. Still, I don't recommend you use it as an auto floor guard because you won't be able to lie or sit on it later - that is, if you don't clean it first.

Speaking of cleaning, this floor mat is quite easy to clean. Because it features a liquid-repellent surface, all you'll have to do to clean it is to use a hose or a good old bucket and some soap.

Unfortunately, because the inner layer is built out of EVA foam, you will have to cure it before you can use it again. If you don't, you're risking turning this floor mat into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Other than that, this floor mat is the best of its type I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing.


  • This garage floor mat can be used to insulate yourself from the cold ground
  • An excellent auto floor guard
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Features innovative design
  • Features a thick cushion for additional comfort


  • Not for everyone
  • You can't park over it

IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls Coin & Diamond Roll Out Utiliy Floor Mats

Our Rating: 87/100

If you own a big house with a big garage, a floor mat that can cover just a couple of square feet isn't cut for the job. If you're looking for a mat that will serve as a perfect floor for a garage, look no further than the IncStores Nitro Commercial mats. While this product isn't cheap, it will protect your garage surface from spills, dirt, tire skids, and everything in between.


This floor mat comes in two different designs and quite a lot of color options. You can choose between two classics: diamond pattern and nickel pattern when it comes to surface design. I personally like the diamond pattern over the other because it has that industrial charm to it. What's more, I'm sure the diamond pattern will give your garage more spunk than a plain nickel pattern.

As for choice, you have quite the selection. You can choose between midnight black, Sahara sand yellow, and stainless steel. I personally recommend you go either for stainless steel or midnight black because stains won't stick out too much. However, if the primary source of nastiness in your garage is dirt, you can go for Sahara yellow because it masks dirt smudges incredibly well.

The best thing about IncStores floor mats is how easy they are to install. All you have to do is just roll them out. Because they're built out of Vinyl, a material well-known for its tackiness, it'll almost immediately stick to the floor.


IncStores Nitro mats perform amazingly!

Because these mats built out of Vinyl dirt, grime, gas, oil, and other nasty things won't penetrate through it. What's more, another cool thing about this material is that it's liquid-repellent. This means it's incredibly easy to clean. You can use a simple water hose to flush out all the nastiness from it. And if that's not an option, you can use a squeegee or a simple mop to clean it.

The pattern and Vinyl work in unison to prevent any slips. Don't worry if you break too hard or storm out of your garage quickly, these garage mats won't slip or fold.

If you end up not liking these garage mats, no worries! Each mat that comes from IncStores comes with a seven-year warranty. So, if you end up damaging it or spot any discoloration, you can ship it back and get a new one. Of course, you can also request your money back if you wish.

My only gripe with these garage mats is that the patterns won't match if you buy two or more. While this might not be a big issue for some, it will drive some of those with mild OCD mad.


  • Incredibly easy to install - just roll it out
  • Because it's built out of Vinyl, it won't let any liquids pass through it
  • Available in nickel and diamond patterns
  • Available in three colors
  • Can be easily cut to size


  • More expensive than other garage mats
  • The patterns don't match if you buy more than one

Garage Floor Mats - Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How should I choose a floor mat for my garage?

A: When on the lookout for new floors for garages, there are quite a few factors you should keep in mind. 

First, you have to consider what type of floor mat you should get.

Roll-out Mats are the most common type and the most durable. These products are built out of strong, thick fabric that absorbs nearly any type of fluid. Because of the material's excellent soaking power, your garage floor will remain dry and stain-free.

The other type of garage mat comes in the shape of interlocking tiles. These products are built out of robust, bendable, high-quality polymer foam. Each tile can be interlocked with another one to create a custom design. The best thing about these tiles is that you can take them out whenever you want in less than an hour.

After you've decided on what type you're going to buy, consider the features. You need to focus on three key features: material, size, and environment.

When it comes to material, consider how much you have to deal with leaks. If your vehicle is constantly leaking oil or gas, you might want to consider getting a fabric mat. Otherwise, you can freely go with foam garage tiles.

Garage mats also come in a variety of sizes. If you want to cover the part where you park your car, all you have to do is find a mat that comes in that particular size. And if you want to cover your entire garage, we recommend you go for tiled mats or with foam mats because they won't bankrupt you.

Lastly, you have to consider the environment. If you're living somewhere where it can get quite cold, you should go for a thicker mat and have a couple of layers to it. And if you're living in a hot climate, you should go for a heat resistant model.

Q: How Do Parking Mats Handle Snow?

A: Garage mats are excellent at absorbing small to moderate oil or power steering leaks. Unfortunately, these products aren't designed to handle large amounts of fluid. If you park a vehicle that's dripping with leftover snow, you should expect the mat will leak.

Q; How Often Should I Clean My Garage Mat?

A: This is totally up to you. If you don't mind breathing in the gas and oil smells, you don't have to clean it. However, if you want to keep things nice and tidy, we recommend cleaning it as soon as you see a substantial amount of leaks or spills.

Q: Can A Garage Floor Mat Cover My Entire Garage?

A: The answer to this question is yes, but with a couple of caveats.

Most parking mats are designed to cover the part of the floor where you park your car.

If you decide to cover your entire floor with one of these products, you will pay a pretty penny for it. And if you choose to do that, we recommend you go for a roll-out vinyl model or one that's made out of foam because they're relatively inexpensive.

After It's All Said and Done, I Recommend: 

NEW Heavy Duty AutoFloorGuard Compact Size Containment Mat, 7'9' x 16'

Our Rating: 95/100

Why it is the best?

  • It comes from one the most trusted and most popular garage floor mat manufacturer in the world
  • It's built out of high-quality, durable materials like polyester closed-cell foam
  • Thanks to stay-put corners it won't slip when your park or drive away from it
  • Soaks up fluids like they're nothing
  • It's incredibly affordable when compared to other mats
  • It can also be used as a containment mat


Choosing the best garage floor mat is what makes a difference between a pristine and dirty garage. As you've seen in this article, the market is full of different models, each offering their own set of pros and cons.

Still, after many hours of research there was a clear winner. AutoFloorGuard AFG7916 is the ultimate mat you can buy for your garage.

This garage mat doesn't just keep your floor clean and safe from accidental oil and gas spills, but it also won't break your bank, which is most important.

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