How to fix sagging headliner without removing it?

How to fix sagging headliner without removing it?

The headliner inside your car plays a crucial role in providing insulation against the cold and heat, as well as the noise coming from outside. Unfortunately, it is not immune to wear and tear; and if exposed to some undesirable circumstances, the headliner eventually starts to sag.A sagging headliner not only takes away from the … Read more

How to clean car carpet

How to Clean Car Carpets

Cleaning your vehicle’s interior may not seem as important as changing the engine oil but it goes a long way to make for a healthy car. The floor is probably the dirties area inside your car yet many motorists still ignore it when taking their vehicles to the car wash.From tiny snack crumbs and mud … Read more

How to find the current owner of a vehicle?

How to find the current owner of a vehicle?

Whether you just witnessed a hit and run or someone is trying to sell you their truck, there is a legitimate reason as to why you’d want to know the identity of the vehicle’s owner. But this is easier said than done; before you succeed in this endeavor, it will require some investigation skills.Luckily, there … Read more

Best Garage Floor Paint: Acrylic, Latex & Epoxy Floor Paint

best garage floor paint buyers guide

A garage floor is something most people don’t notice. A garage is, in most cases, strictly utilitarian. However, this quickly changes the second you start seeing the small cracks and stains that have developed over the years. You won’t be able to shake off the feeling your garage is dirty, no matter how much you … Read more

Homemade bird poop remover for cars

Homemade Bird Poop Removers for Car

Bird poop is among the leading causes of damaged paintwork on your car! I bet you didn’t know that, did you? As cute as they may be, birds can pose a great threat to the well-being of your posh car, especially when you forget to park it inside the garage.Bird droppings contain high levels of … Read more